Times are tough - we all know that - and in periods of economic downturn it's charities that tend to suffer as a result of cutbacks in funding, and reduced charitable giving - at a time when their services are perhaps more in demand than ever! London to Brussels 24 is a great opportunity to jump in the saddle and raise money for a charity of your choice.
Pay the £199 registration fee and pledge to raise a minimum of £990 (and as much over this target) for a charity of your choice. From your fundraising the charity will pay for the cost of your place on the ride. The charity will supply fundraising advice, support, and material to aid you in your efforts.*
Registration Fee        £199 
Fundraising Target    £990
*Please note that in selecting this option, Action Challenge will contact your nominated charity and ask them to authorise your place on the ride and to provide appropriate fundraising support. In the unlikely event that your nominated charity elects not to authorise this activity you will be offered the right to nominate another charity, transfer to the Pay your Own Costs option, or refund any registration fee paid.
The charities rely on your commitment to the pledge to allow them to continue their valuable work. £500 of fundraising is to be lodged with charity by 30 Jun 2012. An additional £490 (and anything above this) to be submitted ideally before the ride, and certainly no later than 4 weeks following its conclusion (02 Oct 2012).
Pay for the full cost of your place on the ride with a single registration fee followed by a final balance payment made 8 weeks prior to the ride (30 Jun 2012). Under this option, there is nothing to preclude you still fundraising for charity - as long as you let them know your intentions and abide by their fundraising guidelines - which they will supply to you.

Registration Fee      £199
Final Balance          £350  



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