1. What's included?
2. What's not included?
3. How much does it cost?
4. How fit do I need to be?
5. What type of bike should I use?
6. What do I need to bring?
7. How do I join and leave the event?
8. What food is provided?
9. How much rest do I get?
10. What mechanical support do I get?
11. How do I find my way?
12. What's it like cycling at night?
13. What happens to baggage?
14. How do bikes get back to the UK?
15. Can I book additional services for friends and family?
16. What if I cannot take part?
17. What insurance do I need?
What's included?

- online rider resource via Participant Area
- rider briefing day London
- fully signed route, rider maps, GPS downloads,
- all food + celebratory dinner Brussels
- full vehicle support - quick response med-mech vehicles
- on-event rider timing
- Science in Sport mobile bar
- Ferry crossing Dover-Calais
- Hotel accommodation in Brussels (twin-share)
- Return UK (including bikes) 

What's not included?
- bike
- insurance - travel, personal liability/personal accident
- bike insurance 
- items of a personal nature including alcohol
- cycling accessories, lights, helmet, and clothing

How much does it cost?
Registration Fee     £199
Final Balance          £350
Registration Fee     £199
Pledge to Raise       £990
*Upon receiving your registration Action Challenge will contact your nominated charity and ask them to authorise your place on the ride as a fundraiser. You pledge to raise a minimum of £990 through sponsorship of which no less than £500 must be received by the charity by 30 Jun 2012. The balance of your fundraising (£490) and anything above this will ideally be submitted before the ride and no later than 4 weeks following the event (02 October 2012).

How fit do I need to be?
London to Brussels 24 is an almost continuous road cycling challenge undertaken in 24 hours. It requires stamina and endurance. You will need to be prepared to endure long stints in the saddle (stages average 35 miles), with little rest, and as the event progresses under conditions of sleep deprivation and extreme tiredness. 

Training is required to undertake this challenge (a full training plan is available in the participants area).

What type of bike should I use?

This is a tough, road cycling challenge and it's recommended that you only undertake the event on a well-maintained and serviced road cycle with slick tyres.

It is not suitable for mountain bikes.

We have yet to see an attempt by a single-gear bike, or folding bike/Brompton - and would welcome the bid!

What do I need to bring?
A full and comprehensive equipment and clothing list is contained within the Participant Area and you are advised to refer to this carefully - some items are essential, others recommended. Please note in addition to items normally required for cycling - you'll alos be expected to have cycling lights mounted front and rear and at least one piece of high visibility clothing.

How do I join and leave the event?
Pre-joining advice is posted in the Participant Area but you should provision to transport yourself, your bike, and your personal baggage to the start in London ideally being dropped off by friends or family, cycling, or joining by public transport.

You will return to the UK on a mid-afternoon Eurostar and arriving in London St Pancras you will be re-united with your bike and continue with your onward travel arrangements.

Exact timings and more detailed joining instructions will be supplied in your departure pack.

What food is provided?
All meals will be provided whilst on the challenge starting with the first transition stop outside approximately 20 miles from London, and continuing approximately every 35 miles along the route.

There is a rider celebratory dinner in Brussels.

The food is plentiful and varied with hot meal stops along the route, snack bags and water. Our on event caterers are specialists for sporting events, and we work closely with Science in Sport to ensure that all the food we are providing is suitable for the challenge. We also recommend that you bring your favourite energy drinks and snacks to consume whilst on the challenge.

How much rest do I get?
The event is arduous but acheivable...

At each rest stop (circa 35 miles) riders have the chance to rest and recuperate, and take on more food, water, and use the toilets (this is typically 15 to 30 minutes dependent upon your pace).

There is a good window for rest during the Ferry process and many riders suse the crossing to grab some valuable shut-eye.
Riders then cycle through the night

In Brussels riders will be accommodated in a 3 star hotel for one-night on a twin share basis.

What mechanical support do I get?

You are advised to get your bike thoroughly serviced and a bike MOT conducted at your local cycle shop before joining the ride. There will be professional bike mechanics on hand at the start for last-minute tweaks and also at rest-stops for problems incurred along route. These mechanics also patrol the route in support vehicles and will stop to assist as required. In extremis we may have substitute bikes to switch in with any cycles damaged beyond repair but this cannot be guaranteed

How do I find my way?

The route will be fully signed signed (using reflective signage with glow sticks where appropriate), you will also be issued with personal rider maps as a back-up. Support cyclists and pace riders will be on hand to assist at awkward junctions and provide encouragement up the hills!

What's it like cycling at night?

Very different to cycling by day! Especially when cycling as part of a group. Obviously visibility is reduced but also depth perception and judging distances becomes more difficult. It is a skill which you are advised to practice in the company of others and be comfortable with riding long distances in the dark and relying upon your cycle lights only. A night cycling protocol is posted in the participants area and will be contained within the rider safety pack

What happens to baggage?

All riders are restricted to 1 piece of main baggage (ideally soft) not exceeding 50L / 10 kg in capacity/weight and 1 day bag/ruck-sack.

Your main bag is labelled and transported from the start in London to the finish in Brussels.

All riders should also bring a daypack to carry personal items, spare riding clothing, warm clothing, wet weather gear, personal items. This daypack will travel with you on the participant transport throughout the event and will be available at the transition stops. You may also choose to cycle with this bag onto the ferry if you so wish.

How do bikes get back to the UK?

All bikes will be returned to the UK in trucks, and will be awaiting collection at St Pancras International. The bikes will be packed securely with racking and padding, however you are welcome to bring additional foam tubing or a bike bag if you so wish.

Can I book additional services for friends and family?
Many friends, family, supporters travel to Brussels to the finish line to welcome in riders.

Unfortunately we cannot book additional services for friends or relatives and you will be given the details of the hotel in Brussles closer to the event. If you have friends and family looking to join you in Brussels you will need to book their accommodation and return by air or Eurostar separately.

What if I cannot take part?
Your deposit is "non-refundable” but we review cancellations on a case by case basis, and riders may be able to transfer deposits onto a future ride.

If you have collected fundraising monies then there are strict rules surrounding the refund of donations to donors or the notification to them that you will not be participating and you must seek guidance from your nominated charity. 

What insurance do I need?
Participants on London to Brussels 24 must hold a valid Travel Insurance policy for the ride. This will include medical repatriation to the UK, personal accident cover, personal liability cover, and curtailment in the case of your being unable to participate in the event on medical or compassionate grounds.

Please refer to the Insurance Advice as issued in the Participant Area for further details.

Bike insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended and protects your bike against damage, theft, and loss. Please note that neither the organisers Action challenge, nor the Charities accept any liability whatsoever in respect of damage, theft, or loss of personal property (including bikes!) whilst on the Event howsoever caused.

You are advised to bring a bike lock which will be used to secure your cycle in the start and finish pens.





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